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  • About us?

    FenixPlus is the pressure washing company that prides itself in providing outstanding quality work at an affordable price. We will take care of your commercial, residential, and fleet wash service needs in the Southeast region.

  • Dedication

    We understand the importance the appearance of your company is to you and we are here to keep your property looking like new. Please contact us for a free sample demonstration so we can show you how we can make a difference with our top quality services but still at an affordable price.

  • Residential

    As a homeowner, enhancing the appearance of your property is definitely something that we know is important. We recommend the

  • Commercial

    Commercial buildings and outdoor concrete surfaces can tend to look really rundown and unattractive without a professional cleaning and maintenance

  • Fleet Wash

    FenixPlus provides mobile truck washing service that consistently performs a quality job at a reasonable price. Our service is scheduled around you, meaning


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Request a quote of any of our products completely free and without obligation.